Water Purifier 5Star Gourmet
Posted December 19, 2012 in Miami
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Location: Miami
Date: December 19, 2012
Telephone: 800-780-8311
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Five Star Gourmet 

Silver Carbon Under Sink Water Filter Processor

FiveStar Gourmet can be used for an inline point-of-use water filter

replacement at the kitchen sink.

Five Star unit can also be installed with a seperate faucet

on your sink providing delicious healthy water

for your drinking & cooking 

5star also can be used for ice making equipment, coffee makers or anywhere 

delicious good quality, pure chemically free water is needed.

Approximate usage is 2500--3500 gallons. 

The recommended flow rate is 1 gpm.

5star uses ¼ compression fitting connections.

Installation instructions are included

5star is American made in Pompano Beach Florida and shipped world wide.

The regular retail price is $95.00 + shipping 


The 5star Gourmet unit removes Chlorine, bad tastes, odors 

and drastically reduces a host of other chemicals 

and complex chemical compounds.

The Bacteriostatic NASA developed media eliminates potentiality 

dangerous bacteria buildup and greatly extends service life.

Proprietary design provides up to 50 times the filtration capacity 

and efficiency of simple carbon cartridge type filters.

The Five Star is a filtration system which removes particulates, 

chemicals from your water, but does not remove dissolved minerals.

Water hardness is not changed by the unit. 

The natural minerals found most often in water are considered 

by many experts essential to the maintenance of good health. 

Our motto Buy a Filter or Be a Filter

You can reach us at [email protected] or call 800-780-8311

For more information visit us at.... www.ultra-pure.net 

We accept MC, Visa, Discover and American Express Cards.

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